The Association of local governments of the Kharkov region (Ukraine)


About us

The Association of local governments of the Kharkov area is voluntary non-governmental, noncommercial association of local governments of the Kharkov area, the cities, areas, villages, the settlements, created for the purpose of more effective implementation of the powers, coordination of actions of local governments on protection of the rights and interests of territorial communities, assistance to their social and economic development, interaction and cooperation deepening.

The association has the local status and extends its activity through members of Association, its governing bodies to territories of the Kharkov area.

The association was registered in 2007 as the first Ukrainian regional association of local governments.

Need of coordination of efforts and development of joint forms of activity of councils of different level at the solution of the questions concerning the vital problems of territorial bulks of area became the prime cause for creation of such association.

When developing the Law of Ukraine «About associations of local governments» which was accepted in 2009, developers considered positive experience of our association.

Lately 50 general meetings of members of Association were carried out and about 300 topical issues of development of the region are considered.

Membership in Association

The Association united 382 councils of different levels. This is 96,7% of the total number of local councils of the Kharkiv region, including 18 consolidated territorial communities.


Association activities

Takes active part in development of local government and social and economic development of the region, intermunicipal, cross-border cooperation of her members;

Conducts active study, holds seminars, «round tables» and other mass actions with involvement of scientists, representatives of public authorities, mass media;

Issues printing editions of information and help character;

Besides important directions of work of Association are:

involvement of local councils and associations of citizens to participation in competitions, programs, projects, the grants directed on development of territorial communities, rural infrastructure and in general development of local government;

prevention of manifestations of corruption in local governments. On the basis of Association there is a Regional anti-corruption center - its working body.

Creation of conditions for increase of efficiency of chairmen of local councils and deputies, assistance to healthy lifestyle formation, communication in an informal way. There is a deputy sports club "Bilia".

Association management

The president of Association - Sergey Chernov (the chairman of the Kharkov regional council, the president of All Ukraine association of district and regional councils);

The first vice-president - the executive director of Association - Nikolay Titov (Сouncillor of the Kharkiv Regional Сouncil).



The Association of

Local Governments of

Kharkiv Region.

61022 Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv, 5 Svobody Sq., Derzhprom, 1st entrance.

tel/fax: +38 (057) 705 14 26

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У складі Асоціації об’єдналися 382 ради різного рівня, що складає 96,7% від загальної кількості місцевих рад Харківської області, у тому числі 18 об’єднаних територіальних громад